General questions

CityMail delivers mail and packages to over half of Sweden’s households. This takes place within these postal code series.

  • 100 -129, 131 – 199
  • 200 – 269
  • 341 18, 21 – 50, 60, 70, 80 – 85
  • 400 – 449, 475
  • 542 00 – 542 47, 542 72 – 542 -74, 542 85 – 542 88
  • 545 00 – 545 35
  • 620 – 624
  • 630 – 649
  • 700 – 711 , 713, 715 – 739
  • 740 -741, 743 – 746, 749 – 769
  • 821 00 – 821 51, 822 20 – 822 81,
  • 823 20 – 823 82, 828 31 – 828 33

You can go to Work with us to see if there are any open job positions. There you can create a profile and upload your CV.

We deliver mail and packages from businesses to other businesses and private individuals within CityMail’s areas.

Follow the link to report a new entry code.

Report new entry code

About package deliveries

CityMail delivers packages on weekdays between 09.00 – 16.00. You can see the expected delivery date in the tracking link that you received via SMS/email. If the estimated delivery date is updated, you will also receive information about this via SMS/email. CityMail provides several different services. Deliveries to parcel lockers and agents are made the day after CityMail receives the package from the retailer. Packages delivered to your home have two different speeds, either delivered in 1-2 days or 1-4 days. The speed at which your package is delivered is determined by the retailer.

Track your package

The package is delivered directly to the recipient in the mailbox or near the front door. Check if the package is outside the door or in the mailbox before contacting us. If the package is missing, contact “Mottagarservice” at or 0771-40 60 40 and we will assist you further.

No, you don’t need to be at home. Packages are delivered directly to the recipient’s mailbox/mailbox or in the vicinity of the front door. If we can’t deliver the package to the address, you’ll have the option to choose whether the package should be delivered to an iBoxens parcel locker or to a DHL agent. If no choice is made, the package will be left at a DHL agent.

Please contact the retailer, the company where you placed your order.

We do not have the ability to cancel a delivery. Please contact the e-retailer.

The package is usually delivered directly to the recipient’s mailbox or near the recipient’s front door. No receipt or identification check is required for these deliveries. If the package is picked up at a local CityMail office, valid identification must be shown. Here, you can only pick up the package for yourself. If the package is picked up from a DHL agent, valid identification must be shown. Here, you can pick up a someone else’s package, if you show identification for both of you. If the package is picked up from an iBox parcel locker, Mobile BankID must be used. You can grant permission for someone else to pick up your package. Go to the iBox app and click on the relevant package. There is a function where you enter the phone number of the person you want to pick up your package. The person must download the iBox app, register their phone number, and identify themselves with Mobile BankID when they pick up the package.

You will receive a notification that you have a package to pick up via text message and through the iBox app.

  • Download the iBox app from the App Store or Google Play
  • Click on “Hitta boxen” (Find the box) to see where it is located on the map. You will also see photos of where it is located.
  • Go to the box and click on “Hämta ut paket” (Pick up package) and verify yourself with BankID.
  • Click on “Öppna lucka” (Open hatch). The hatch opens, take your package. Close the hatch.

First, check if the contents are damaged or if it’s just the packaging. If the contents of the package are damaged, you need to contact the retailer where you placed your order, which in turn contacts CityMail for further investigation.

We have no possibility to change the delivery address, switch DHL agent or parcel lockers. However, by choosing the “Hämta själv” (Self-pickup) service, you can access your local CityMail office to pick up your package or change the delivery method to a parcel locker. If the “Hämta själv” (Self-pickup) or “Paketskåp” (Parcel locker) service is available for your delivery, you will be able to change your delivery method via the link you received through SMS/email.

About mail deliveries

If possible, please leave the mail in the right recipient’s mailbox. If that is not possible, please contact our “Mottagarservice” at or call 0771-40 60 40 and we will assist you further.

To ensure that we can deliver your mail to the correct address, we recommend that you make a change of address with Svensk Adressändring and report a change of address to Skatteverket (The Swedish Tax Agency). If you move without making a change of address and your name is missing from the door, your mail will be returned to the sender.

Forwarding of mail and storage can be ordered from Svensk Adressändring

To optimize delivery routes, we have divided our geographical areas into four different parts. This means that we visit your address on a rolling four-day schedule during non-holiday weekdays. If you want to see when we visit your area, you can search here:

Search delivery day

To avoid receiving advertising or free newspapers, you need to label your mailbox or letterbox with “No advertising, please” and/or “No free newspapers.”

You will still receive addressed direct marketing and unaddressed community information. Examples of information include from state/municipal companies, religious organizations, and non-profit associations. This information cannot be declined.

We deliver mail every non-holiday weekday throughout the day. The time you receive the mail depends on whether you are at the beginning or end of the route. If you want to know if we are in your area today, you can search here:

Search delivery day

If your shipment has gone missing, we recommend you to contact the sender. If that is not possible, you are welcome to contact our “Mottagarservice” at or call 0771 -40 60 40, and we will assist you further.

We are authorized by “Post och Telestyrelsen” (The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority) to conduct postal and courier activities, which means we have access to keys and entry codes in order to complete our task.

If the property owner has not informed us of any entry code and we cannot enter the gate, we are not able to deliver the mail. The responsibility lies with the property owner to inform us of any entry code or change of entry code.

We deliver mail every week day but we do not visit every postal code every day. Here you can see when we visit you:

Search delivery day

No, it is not possible to opt out of mail. If you receive mail that you do not want, we recommend that you contact the sender.

Do you want to get in touch?

We would like to help you as soon as possible. The easiest way is to fill out the form below or contact our Mottagarservice