Sustainable deliveries

CityMail was founded in the 90´s in order to challenge what was then a post monopoly, making it unreasonably expensive to send post and parcels. Since then we have kept on innovating in order to find smarter, more efficient and more sustainable ways of delivering both packages and an unrivaled customer experience.

Post and parcels on the addressee’s terms

After a few years as part of a multinational postal organization we have now returned with renewed energy and the same conviction that there are always new ways forward to be discovered. The fact that modern day logistics looks a bit different and the fact that most deliveries is made up of parcels doesn’t change our objective in the slightest. We want to continue delivering the best customer experience and post with precision. Packages that are handled well, arrive on time, to the right recipient and during hours when one might actually be at home.

Welcome to a world of smarter deliveries!

Customer and addressee reviews

We are constantly striving to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and addressees’. And to make sure that all our deliveries reach the right recipient at the right time. An important part of our work to continuously improve our services is to make sure that we review any suggestions or complaints from our customers and addressees. Below you will find statistics detailing the number of such instances.

Download our sustainability report (PDF)

Download our customer service report (PDF)

Download our accountant’s statement about the sustainability report (PDF)

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Call us on our helpline, find more information about deliveries or use our services for addressees.

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Send your mail with CityMail

CityMail covers more than half of the six million households and companies in Sweden that your mail is being distributed to. Our goal will always be to expand and offer distribution and deliveries to even more households and companies in the future.

We deliver:

  • Advertising – Addressed Direct Advertising (ADA)
  • Invoices– For any type of frequent billing
  • Office Services– Pick up & distribution of Administrative Notifications
  • Parcels– Packages that fit into your mailbox/through the door

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Addressed directadvertising, invoices and papers requires a mini-volume of 500 per mail

Please read our integrity policy to find out how CityMail stores and handles personal information.

Terms, documents & packing instructions

Here you will find all terms and conditions that apply when using our services. You will also find all other documentation covering sizes and specs for letter, parcels and packages as well as packing instructions in preparation for pickups.

please find all documentation here

Just nu cirkulerar mail där avsändaren utger sig för att vara CityMail. Oftast rör det sig om falska mail med syftet att komma åt känslig information. Var alltid uppmärksam innan du klickar på länkar och lämna aldrig ut uppgifter om du inte är helt säker på avsändaren.