Free postcards to inspire writing joy in children this summer

Akademibokhandeln, together with Pictura and CityMail, is launching a writing initiative to encourage children and young people to find joy in writing and discover the happiness of sending and receiving physical mail. This initiative also aims to highlight the issue of writing skills in children.

This summer, Akademibokhandeln’s stores will give away free postcards to children and young people, encouraging them to write and send postcards. Pictura has created four different postcard designs featuring motifs from Akademibokhandeln’s summer campaign, and CityMail is responsible for distributing the postcards. This means that all children and young people who pick up the free postcards in the store can also send them completely free of charge within Sweden.
– In addition to the initiative potentially awakening a joy of writing in children, it is a way for us to highlight the issue of writing skills in children. Reading and writing are skills that affect your whole life, and we constantly receive reports on how these abilities are deteriorating, says Maria Backlund, Marketing Manager at Akademibokhandeln. The idea came from Charlie Wallin, CEO of Pictura, after he participated in an event where children were practicing writing the address to relatives. Pictura has long been a partner and a major supplier of paper and gift products to Akademibokhandeln.
– Spreading joy with the written word is something that is in Pictura’s DNA. We want more children to be encouraged to write. We are convinced that good reading and writing skills are the foundation for success in life and want to do our part to promote a positive development, says Charlie Wallin.
In the store, the child chooses a postcard motif, writes their greeting and address to the recipient. Then the child hands in his card at the checkout and Akademibokhandeln sends it with the help of CityMail to the recipient. For CityMail, the initiative is a way to highlight both writing and physical mail.
– A postcard is a fun way for children to try sending mail. In addition, handwriting develops fine motor skills and improves handwriting. It is also said that knowledge sticks better when we write by hand because the brain works harder, says Anne-Louise Sandström, Marketing and Communications Manager at CityMail. The postcards are available in Akademibokhandeln’s stores between 15/6 and 26/7 or as long as stocks last. The postcards are illustrated by Elin Andersson and made of Swedish paper, at Pictura in Karlstad.