About administrative letters

With administrative letters, you as a company can send out invoices, invitations, balance statement or when you want to send important information. By preparing your mailing and sorting the shipments, you get a lower postage rate.

We have a smart delivery model that allows you to plan your deliveries and staff up customer service optimally, all to maintain a high level of service to your customers.

We have been delivering mail to households and businesses for over 30 years. Through CityMail’s presence in the market, Sweden’s businesses have together saved over 1.5 billion SEK per year.

As a customer of CityMail, you have access to a dedicated customer team with sales, logistics, production, and customer service.

The delivery

Every day we visit different households with a smart delivery model. Administrative letters are normally delivered within four working days after the submission day. Delivery is done together with other mail and packages.

With our bikes and fossil-free vehicles, we have a low impact on the environment.

We offer delivery to over half of Sweden’s households. Print shops and partners help to sort the mailings, smoothly and easily for you as a customer.


You get a dedicated contact person who helps you plan your deliveries


With our experience, you can feel safe with our service and deliveries


Quality-assured delivery of your mailing straight to the customers doorstep at an affordable price

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