About Direct Marketing

With addressed direct marketing, you can be personal and capture attention. By selecting a target audience that suits you, you can communicate differently with different people.

You can create creative mailings and use imagination to attract engagement and purchases. This communication channel has high observational value and allows recipients to choose when to engage with the information.

The benefits of targeted direct marketing are that you can determine who you communicate with by choosing your target audience. You can make selections based on age, gender, purchasing power, interests, lifestyle and much more.

In the digital noise of today’s channels, you will be unique by leveraging the strengths of the mailbox to find new customers, increase your sales, and strengthen awareness of your brand.

The delivery

Every day we visit different households with a smart delivery model. Addressed direct mail are normally delivered within four working days after the submission day.

The delivery is done together with other mail and packages. With our bikes and fossil-free vehicles, we have a low impact on the environment.

We offer delivery to over half of Sweden’s households. Print shops and collaborators help sort the shipments, making it easy and convenient for you as a customer.


Creativity can create inspiring direct advertising and increase customer engagement.

Invites you to buy

Good offers create purchasing intention that drives traffic to the store and e-commerce.

Strengthens relationships

Be personal and build long-term relationships with new and existing customers.

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