About mail products

With mail products, you can send small packages with less value and without requiring traceability directly to the customer. It can be different formats and different weights within the same delivery.

A service for you who have your own online shop and work with e-commerce. We see it as a complement to our other packaging services to meet more needs in the market.

The delivery

Every day we visit different households with a smart delivery model. Mail products are normally delivered within four working days after the submission day.

The delivery is done together with other mail and packages. With our bikes and fossil-free vehicles, we have a low impact on the environment.

We offer delivery to over half of Sweden’s households.


Gather today’s online orders and send it with us


Not all packages need to be traceable, the most important thing is the delivery to the mailbox


With our experience, you can feel safe with our service and our deliveries directly to the customer’s mailbox

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