About impact survey

Improve the results of your mailbox campaign. By measuring the effect, you can create more opportunities to make the effect even sharper next time.

You will receive answers to questions such as how many people have taken part in the content, how many have shown interest in the service/product and purchase intention.

Service description
  • Introduction and methodology
  • Digital measurement
  • Up to 20 standard questions
  • At least 250 responses is collected
  • Possible to add additional questions
  • Cross-referencing based on background variables
  • Summary and analysis

Create better mailbox campaigns and increase response.


The effect measurement is done digitally through a survey link sent via SMS. The target group is randomly selected, and to carry out the measurement, at least 5000 telephone-equipped addresses from the customer’s selection register.

The measurement is carried out immediately after the completed campaign is delivered to the mailbox.

Booking of the measurement takes place two weeks in advance before the first delivery day. Before the measurement, a startup meeting takes place where all the details are put in place and a PDF of the campaign material is submitted.

We carry out the measurement together with a collaboration partner who takes care of the data collection and dispatch of the digital survey link. Once the measurement is completed, we present the results.


Does the campaign stand out and create attention among the other mail being sent?

Purchase intention

What did the recipients think of the offer? What was it that attracted a purchase?


Find out how your brand, message and trust were perceived by the recipients of the campaign.

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