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Here you can find iBoxens Parcel Lockers.

Close to home deliveries to the recipient’s nearest parcel locker. All packages are delivered the next day to the parcel lockers. The recipient is notified via SMS and through the tracking link, the recipient can follow their delivery in real-time.

The lockers are conveniently placed outdoors near households, allowing customers to pick up their packages anytime, day or night, all year round. Customers identify themselves with mobile Bank-ID to retrieve their packages.

Fast, close to home and secure!

Flexible Delivery

Are you also convinced that the consumer choose between difference e-commerce stores based on the delivery options offered? We believe that the majority of customers want to choose when and where their product should be delivered, and that the majority prefer close to home deliveries. With CityMail, you can reach about 6 million households in an environmentally conscious manner.

With our climate-smart, close to home deliveries with the lowest environmental impact at the best market price, we can help your business grow.

Close to you and your customer

Flexible delivery/return for the consumer through the option to pick up/leave packages at our local offices. As a customer of ours, you can of course also leave your packages at your local CityMail office.

Dedicated customer team

As a customer of CityMail, you have access to a dedicated customer team with salespeople, logistics, production and customer service. Easy, clear, and flexible for you as a customer.

Service for your customers

If your customers have questions about their deliveries, CityMail “Mottagarservice” is open 08:30 – 17:00. They handle all questions to make your customers as satisfied as possible.

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